Colour Prediction Game Calculator 2023

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Colour Prediction Game Calculator 2023 Hello Friends in this post you will get to know about Colour Prediction Game Calculator 2023 | Colour Prediction Game Calculator 2023 Earn ₹1800, Play games, do surveys, and win great cash prizes for free. Download the Colour Prediction Game Calculator 2023 from this page and install it on your phone to enjoy your favorite game in your spare time.

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A lot of people are investing in color prediction games and making a profit. In today’s post, we will talk about Win money Color Prediction Formula, Algorithm, and Calculator.

It’s a game where you can play with other people. Color prediction can be played with real people at any time and from any location. color prediction game JavaScript color prediction game download.

Colour Prediction Game Calculator 2023

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Colour Prediction Game Calculator


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Experts are predicting 4 times every day, but their prediction is not 100% correct. To win through the latest color prediction game formula trick here is you should have enough balance depend upon which website color prediction application you use.

You can Invest Money Below Given and Earn Double money by predicting colours. If you are looking for easy and quick way to earn money online in India where you can earn huge money in less time.

Colour Prediction Game

Then color prediction game is perfect for you. there are 3 colours in the game Red, Green, Violet. You can Predict Every 3 Minutes by using investing money and earn double money. WE’VE ALREADY DONE THE WORK FOR YOU, SO SAVE TIME AND EFFORTS!

Money Management Chart

Total Spend Periods Amount Win 7 L Tax
Amount Violet Number Profit 1 (🟢/🔴) Profit 2 (🟣)
10 1 10 0 0 9.56 4.69 1 L 0.2
40 2 30 0 0 18.68 4.07 2 L 0.8
140 3 90 10 0 36.04 36.31 3 L 2.8
440 4 280 10 10 107.68 110.42 4 L 8.8
1280 5 800 0 40 284.8 275.2 5 L 25.6
4120 6 2700 0 140 1161.2 1176.3 6 L 82.4
10420 7 6000 0 300 1316 1244 7 L 208.4
25920 8 15000 0 500 3420 865 Win 518.4

It’s not easy, there are only few predictors who are good which I personally follow. If you do it for time past, then its ok, otherwise a big chance to lose money.

100% Winning tricks to earn money from Colour Prediction Game

Color Trend Type 1

  • If Red or Green any one color is repeating again and again.
  • Select the same color which came in result. For example, If red came in result, Select Red again. If Green came in result, Select Green again. You will win.
  • If anytime color repeating stops. means trend changes. follow below Color Trend Type 2.
  • If different color came in result from your selected color. On Next color selection, invest 3x amount (use 3x trick below). Follow this 3x trick until your selected color comes in result. If at any time you win, You will get huge profit.

🔴 You will win 100% in 2 or 4 times along with Huge Profit.

Color Trend Type 2

  • If Red or Green color is not repeating or Trend is not stable.
  • Select only one color (Red or Green) again and again. Use 3x investment trick (explained below) each time on your next color selection.

Colour Prediction Game Calculator

🔴 You will win 3rd or 4th time with huge profit .

3. (100% winning) 3X Trick – Always use 3X Trick to earn money from Mery Jewelry App. If you win at any time. Your all previous fail results will get covered with Huge profit.

3X Trick = Invest 3 times of previous investment, If result is not matched with your selected color.

Benefit of 3x Trick – (Any fail result covered + Huge Profit).

Color prediction apps work by using algorithms to analyze and predict the colors of objects in images or the surrounding environment. The specific methods used to predict colors will vary depending on the app, but some common techniques include:

  1. Color matching: This involves comparing the colors in an image to a pre-defined set of colors and selecting the closest match.
  2. Color extraction: This involves identifying the dominant colors in an image and creating a palette based on those colors.
  3. Image analysis: This involves analyzing the pixels in an image to identify patterns and trends in the colors used.
  4. Machine learning: Some apps may use machine learning algorithms to learn about color patterns and make more accurate predictions over time.

In general, color prediction apps work by analyzing the colors in an image and using that information to generate a palette or identify specific colors. The accuracy of the predictions will depend on the quality of the image and the effectiveness of the algorithm being used.

Colour Prediction Game Calculator 2023 – FAQs

How do you calculate color prediction?

color prediction game algorithm & calculator

Make a total of 6 numbers according to the above given numbers, whatever number comes, play it according to the table given below. For example Numbers are 6+2+9+6+5+1 = 29, You can play according to which color is likely to appear in the number 29 in the table given below.

Is color prediction game legal in India?

Yes, it`s legal, but betting money based on predictions is not legal. Venkatesh says illegal online betting discourages victims from reporting the crime. The technician filed a complaint with the national cybercrime reporting portal against the color prediction app on behalf of a friend in March this year.

colour prediction game calculator?

Colour Prediction Game Blue Green Violet Choose 1 Colour & Win Huge Money. Download Color Prediction Game Earn Money Without Investment.

is colour prediction game legal?

The legality of color prediction games varies depending on the country or region in which you are located.

In some places, these games are considered a form of gambling and are therefore illegal or heavily regulated. In other places, they may be legal if they are played for entertainment purposes only and do not involve real money or prizes.

It is important to note that engaging in illegal gambling activities can result in legal consequences, so it is important to research and understand the laws in your area before participating in any form of gambling or prediction games.

what is a colour prediction game?

A color prediction game is a type of online gambling or prediction game that involves predicting the outcome of a series of colors or numbers that are randomly generated.

In a typical color prediction game, players select a color or number and place a bet on it. The game then generates a sequence of colors or numbers, and if the player’s selection matches the final outcome, they win a payout. The odds of winning and the payout amount vary depending on the game and the specific bet placed.

Color prediction games have gained popularity in recent years, particularly in countries where online gambling is restricted or illegal. However, it is important to note that participation in these games may be illegal in some areas, and players should always research and understand the laws in their area before participating in any form of online gambling.

colour prediction game tips?

As an AI language model, I do not encourage or promote any form of gambling or prediction games. However, I can provide some general tips on how to approach any type of gambling responsibly:

  1. Set a budget: Before starting to play any gambling game, set a budget for yourself that you can afford to lose. Once you have reached your limit, stop playing.
  2. Know the game: Learn the rules and odds of the color prediction game you are playing. Understanding the game can increase your chances of making informed decisions and placing smarter bets.
  3. Avoid chasing losses: If you lose a bet, resist the urge to chase your losses by placing larger bets to win back your money. This can lead to reckless gambling and further losses.
  4. Stay focused: Gambling can be distracting and addictive, so it is important to stay focused on the game and avoid distractions like drinking alcohol or using electronic devices.
  5. Play for fun: Remember that gambling should be a form of entertainment and not a way to make money. Play responsibly and enjoy the game for what it is.

Colour Prediction Game Calculator?

“Colour Prediction Game Calculator”. It’s possible that such a tool may exist, but as an AI language model, I cannot endorse or promote any form of gambling or prediction games.

I would advise approaching any online gambling game, including color prediction games, with caution and being aware of the risks involved. Always remember to gamble responsibly and within your means.

How to predict colour in colour prediction game?

How to Play Colour Prediction Games Online? By correctly estimating the colour of shapes that are formed randomly, the player can win money in this game. The player must correctly predict the colour that will be displayed.


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